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"As a result of my Executive Coaching experience: I now better engage my employees, I have the tools to resolve conflict, I am learning how to lead with my heart and be a whole brain leader and I am becoming more of a strategic thinker."

Toby Schneider, Executive Director, Alberta Gov.

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The Brain Walk® for families, young people and children

Who may use these self-coaching tools :

  • Parents who wish to assist their children in solving their challenges at school and at work, help their children get better grades, improve their self-confidence and self-esteem and support them to achieve their goals. 
  • Parents with children aged 5 and up with hyperactivity, who are sensitive, do not listen or have anxieties.
  • Parents with children aged 5 and up, who wish to help them develop both the IQ and EQ.
  • Kindergarten educators who wish to teach children about human values.
  • School teachers to work with children on human values and teach them to find their own answers to questions rather than always wait for people around to provide them.
  • Teenagers who wish to discover their life purpose. 
  • Teenagers who are challenged by issues such as being accepted in groups, drugs, alcohol, sex abuse, bullying or any other type of abuse.
  • Students who wish to find out what they would love to do after graduation.
  • Students who are interested in developing their ability to be fast and effective learners.
  • Young people who wish to find their life partner.
  • Young people with communication problems, lack of motivation or self-discipline.
  • Adults who are facing change:  divorce, changing the work place, unworkable relationships.
  • Any person committed to increase their self-esteem, to overcome a blockage in any area of life, to minimize stress, to find balance in life, to develop intuition or spirituality.
  • Any person confronted by anxiety, lack of direction or clarity in life, lack of fulfilment or satisfaction.
  • Any person interested in developing both the IQ and EQ, in increasing their creativity and creating access to his/her own genius mind.

More than ever, in our fast-paced environment, we need to think clearly. People who thrive mentally, emotionally, physically and financially, even in the most difficult times feed their minds with the best-quality
personal development products, tools, strategies, information and inspiration available.

Extraordinary lives—lives of joy, impact, achievement, contribution, and distinction—are achieved not by willpower or mere "motivation," but by accessing the tools and information that will give you the true competitive edge.

Our award-winning methodologies Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® (PCMK) are unique as they create real shifts in your thinking. Our clients tell us we are “The Masters” of changing unconstructive habits and behaviors into positive ones faster and more effectively than anyone.

The Universal Law of Belief says: “What we think, we become”. In other words, if we think negatively, we will be negative. If we think positively, we will be positive. It is our choice to be positive and to attract “positive” into our life.

Everyone has unlimited potential within themselves, but unless that potential is fed by the best beliefs, attitudes and resources, it remains untapped. Once you feed your mind and adopt new, empowering beliefs and attitudes, you will activate your potential for greater and greater results.

The model for The Key to a Happy Life:
(Everything is created by the subconscious mind)

The Power of The Brain Walk® lies in that:

1.   The Brain Walk® tools, like all of our Mind-Kinetics® tools, are scientifically engineered to automatically heighten our awareness, shift our thinking and create solutions to achieve our goals.  Science has proven that habits and behaviors will only change if there is a physiological shift in our "thinking cells".  Essentially Mind-Kinetics means “putting the brain into action (kinetics)”.  Mind-Kinetics® tools have a reputation for moving us out of "stuckness" to propel us forward in all areas of our lives.  Yes, even for the most difficult situations. 

2.   The tools involve the study of The Universal Laws of Human Behavior. These Universal Truths are simply truths that give us permission to see the greatness within ourselves and appreciate our own brilliance as well as to rise above mediocrity and societal norms to know we can achieve whatever we want to achieve.

3.   The entire Mind-Kinetics® process has the 76 main values of humanity as a strong foundation.  For example, using The Brain Walk® clients learn how well they are demonstrating values such as courage, honesty, respect, kindness, compassion, faith, acceptance and discernment.  They also become more aware of how well they are receiving specific values from others. 

How does The Brain Walk® work?

Einstein was a Master at Image-Word Streaming, a process that is similar to what you are about to experience.  He would literally "turn off" his left brain and "turn on" his right brain to focus on a question he had about life.  This focus we call "intent".  He would wait for images or words to come to mind knowing that ideas would come to him.  Once he received those ideas he would decode them.  And voila!  Out came the inventions of concepts like the Theory of Relativity.


The elements creating your biological shift in the brain are:

1.   The Brain Walk® uses the image-word streaming process to create results.  The left brain literally shuts off and the right brain turns on to receive solutions to a problem or challenge in the form of images, words, etc.  During the decoding portion, the left brain turns on again.  The solutions therefore are the result of whole-brain thinking. 

2.   The colors are specifically chosen to stimulate the opening of the receptors in the brain.  The emotional charge that caused the receptor to constrict in the first place is released.  The thinking cells get fed and the brain begins to release inspirational ideas.

3.   The movement around the map using a specific acupuncture point massages the brain to free up ideas.

4.   The use of left brain/right brain questions, colors and acupuncture points retrains the brain to switch more easily between the left and right hemispheres, eventually creating a more bilateral thinker of the user.


In The Brain Walk® package for families, young people and children you will receive:


The right brain is the creative, intuitive, associative and innovative brain and our connection to our spirituality.  When we are feeling challenged or are unable to achieve our goals, this means that we are also having difficulty accessing our right brain for solutions.  The Brain Walk® will help us to do so by removing the blocks we have to reaching those solutions.  In today's world, we are taught to work primarily in the left brain - to build our I.Q.  Rarely are we taught how to use our right brain to build our E.Q.  As we build our E.Q. through The Brain Walk
® exercises, we find ourselves having better relationships, more innovative ideas, greater love of self, solutions to our own problems, a stronger connection to our source and so on.  Even high IQ people have difficult solving their own problems.  How come?  The answer is complex yet simple!  Most people in the world are programmed to primarily use their left brain to exist in life.  By accessing our right brain and training our brain to become more bilateral (switching easily between left and right), we can operate with Full Power = IQ + EQ.



To order The Brain Walk® package for families, young people and children please click here. Price: 80 euro + VAT (delivery in Romania is included. Payment at delivery by fast courier. VAT not added for individuals). For additional information please contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 004 0724 505 960.