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“The Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics methodologies (PCMK) give me a sense of structure and clarity on a daily basis through self coaching whenever I have an issue or a challenge. I can easily articulate short and long term goals followed by realistic actions to achieve them. My relationships ...

Oana Voda, Associate Power Coach

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We understand that there are many reasons why individuals may be unclear about how to solve a challenge or achieve a goal. From the research work of Candace Pert we know that habits and behaviors will only change if there is a physiological shift in the brain. Therefore until we internalize and have clarity around why we continue to repeat behaviors, chances are we will stay stuck. Our research into the power of the human mind has also paid off. Power Coaching® tools greatly assist us in discovering the root cause of our stuckness or unclarity. 

The Clarity Solutions Model tells us that clarity comes only after we release the emotional charges around a challenge or goal. With thinking cells now nourished we become more clear on solutions.

We believe that the information presented here will be very useful in enhancing your personal success through self-coaching.

You will find that these self-coaching tools are extraordinary! They were designed to bring you great success personally and professionally. Enjoy your journey! More importantly, acknowledge and enjoy the benefits of using these tools. We invite you to share your achievements by dropping us a line at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Happy Self-Coaching!

It is important for you to know that these Power Coaching® tools may raise emotional issues for you; however, they are designed to assist you in letting go of these emotions in order to achieve ultimate clarity, solutions and greater peace in all areas of your life. 

You may also enroll to learn how to coach others with these Power Coaching tools and methodologies. Learn more by clicking on the Coach Training button above.