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“The Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics methodologies (PCMK) give me a sense of structure and clarity on a daily basis through self coaching whenever I have an issue or a challenge. I can easily articulate short and long term goals followed by realistic actions to achieve them. My relationships ...

Oana Voda, Associate Power Coach

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Sales Excellence


The Four Keys to Sales:

Key #1: Attitude. A "need to" or "desire to" attitude is not enough. Great sales people have a "want to, can do, will do" attitude. They just love to do it!

Key #2: Knowledge. Great sales people know their products and services inside out. They also know "how to" engage a client's attention.

Key #3: Practice. Great sales people fall off their bikes and get back on them. They practice until they perfect their sales technique.

Key #4: Belief. Great sales people believe in their conscious and unconscious minds that they can sell. They just own it. And, they use Mind-Kinetics® daily to remove any negative thought and action patterns until "selling" becomes as natural as brushing their teeth!

Six Biggest Mistakes made by Sales People:
1.      Lack of belief in self.

2.      Don't know how to sell.

3.      Not prepared well enough.

4.      Unable to do a "One Minute Miracle". (I don't have a "grabber" or I don't understand our "Unique Selling Proposition".

5.      Talking to the wrong people.

6.      Not having our client's best interests in mind.

Wisdom Coaching/CLI Romania offers you the program ‘Sales Excellence through Coaching’ with its revolutionary tools to permanently eliminate fears and unconstructive habits to give you breakthrough thinking for higher levels of sales achievement.  


Key Success Factors of this Program:
One key success factor of these programs is that sales professionals don't waste time simply 'hearing' about the theory and concepts behind sales excellence - they discover their own personal conscious and unconscious roadblocks to super selling. This discovery is a major bonus and virtually unheard of in the sales excellence industry. The second key success factor is that sales pros will move forward with renewed vigor knowing that they have just spent several valuable days internalizing permanent positive change within themselves. The third key success factor comes in the form of sales friendly self-coaching tools which these professionals will be able to use daily to keep raising their own bar.

Benefits of attending Super Excellent Selling!
1.      Celebrate your strengths as a sales professional!

2.      Remove your roadblocks to selling and begin to plan to enjoy your great financial success.

3.      Identify your unconstructive thoughts, words and actions about selling and turn them into positive ones—permanently.

4.      Become more relaxed in selling. Enjoy every part of the sales process.

5.      Learn the technical aspects of the sale: Approach, Investigate, Provide and Close.

6.      Demystify selling. Anyone can do it.

7.    Acquire the secret of Master Sales Professionals. They have unshakeable positive attitudes and beliefs about selling.


Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 004 0724 505 960 for a copy of our brochure ‘Sales Excellence through Coaching’ which outlines the full benefits of attending this program.