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“If I look for a time in my life when I was truly inspired and lucky, that would be my meeting with Ramona Lacatus. Much of who I am today and what I managed to create in my life, which is fulfilling one of my dreams, that of developing a network of indoor advertising, is due to Ramona and her...

Eduard Petrescu, Managing Director – Invent Media

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Leadership Mastery

CLI-Romania offer your organization the program 'Performance Tools for Leading Successful Teams', a communication and leadership mastery program for CEO’s, department heads, entrepreneurs, senior and middle managers, project leaders, trainers, coaches and HR personnel.

Key Success Factors of the Program:

You will receive ready-to-use tools to greatly improve the performance of your teams through advanced communication systems.

  • You will learn award-winning tools to implement immediately to strengthen your team’s performance competencies in terms of better communication, accountability, responsibility, ownership, ability to solve challenges and develop innovative solutions.
  • You will conduct profile assessments to measure your own Leadership Competencies and then, when using the tools taught, will see a noticeable positive shift in your own performance as a stronger communicator.
  • Discovery of your great inner power and how to use it for enhanced personal and professional success.


This exceptional Leadership and Communication Mastery Program provides you an abundance of ’ready to use’ tools to more effectively “lead the way” for your employees.

  1. You will take with you a manual filled with communication tools you can implement immediately for leading a more successful team.
  2. You will also receive a value-able set of six Enlightened Leadership Toolgames™ which you can use daily to solve relationship challenges and develop innovative solutions to challenges and goals.
  3. Accompanying you back to the office are completed Leadership Profiles which clearly show which leadership competencies you are strong in and which you need to improve as a communicator.
  4. A treasured gift from this program is a performance coaching tool entitled “The Personal Success Tool”. After giving each employee their performance appraisal, you will use the PST to coach each employee to discover and remove roadblocks to the achievement of their corporate goals. The winning benefit, however, is that the employee also self-discovers new innovative solutions to their challenges in order to move forward for permanent positive behavioral change. What a great way to communicate!
  5. You will leave with 3—4 goal sheets clearly articulating how you will transfer the learning into the workplace.


Three Major Benefits of attending this program:

1.      Lighten your leadership load! Learn award-winning tools to dramatically improve the performance of your employees. Everyone moves forward to enhance corporate and personal prosperity.

2.      Learn  how to implement “Go Team” - a CLI developed communication meeting to give each team member greater ownership, accountability, responsibility and innovativeness. “Go team” raises morale and improves productivity by increasing everyone’s focus.

3.      Put the fear of managing "problem" employees behind you.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or 004 0724 505 960 for a copy of our brochure 'Performance Tools for Leading Successful Teams' which outlines the full benefits of attending this program along with the details on what the participants will learn.