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“We worked with Ramona individually and also as a couple for about 6 months. During this time we had extraordinary breakthroughs in all major areas of our lives. The best result was that we decided to get married and this was possible only in the space Ramona created for us as a coach. If there...

Andreea & Tiberiu Filip

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FREE Assessment of your organization

Your Challenges - What are they?

This section of the site will assist you in identifying the challenges you are currently experiencing and for which you need solutions. Challenges come in all shapes, sizes and colors:

1.         Heavy workloads.

2.         Not enough resources.

3.         Some Leaders still think skills like Team Building and Handling Complex Situations are "soft" skills.

4.         Strained relationships between management/staff.

5.         Overall workplace wellness: emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical issues.

6.         Change.

7.         Realignment/restructuring.

8.         Time management.

9.         Some Leaders still manage under old outdated paradigms such as autocratic leadership.

10.     Employees feeling threatened.

11.     Power struggles.

12.     Poor innovation.

13.     Commitment and follow through on initiatives.

14.     The unknown: Our role. Our purpose.

15.     Need to be more responsive, cohesive and integrated.

16.     Low Customer Service Index.

17.     Inability to compete globally.

18.     Slow growth (revenue and/or profits).

19.     Can't stay within our budgets.

20.     Apathy.

21.     Employees lacking recognition.

22.     Lack of focus.

23.     Other

This short list above represents the categories of most of the challenges and goals of the Clients we attract. 


We invite you to take three steps:

  1. Download the Corporate Profile of your organization. This survey will give you a quick snapshot of your organizations strengths and areas of improvement (AOI's). It will also ask you to prioritize the AOI's you wish to work on first.
  2. The Expected Results questionnaire may also be of interest to you. You can check off the results you are looking for from a different perspective.
  3. Last step would be to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 004 0724 505 960. We will assist you in developing a plan of action to achieve permanent positive results.

You will begin to notice the difference the moment we start working with you!