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“If I look for a time in my life when I was truly inspired and lucky, that would be my meeting with Ramona Lacatus. Much of who I am today and what I managed to create in my life, which is fulfilling one of my dreams, that of developing a network of indoor advertising, is due to Ramona and her...

Eduard Petrescu, Managing Director – Invent Media

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What We Think We Become

Visionary Japanese researcher, Mr. Masaru Emoto, has published an important book, "The Hidden Messages in Water".

If you have any doubt that your thoughts affect everything in, and around you, the information and photographs as presented in his published results, will change your mind and alter your beliefs, profoundly.

Building on Emoto's research, when solving an issue our Power Coaches are trained to ensure that our Clients connect with both sides of their brain for whole-brain thinking and that they anchor positive belief systems in the unconscious to replace the unconstructive. Power Coaches understand The Law of Belief - What we think we become. Our thoughts are our actions; therefore, we must be diligent about self-coaching and being Power Coached in order to "pop" those receptors and think more positively every day.


You have to experience it to believe it.

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