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"As a result of my Executive Coaching experience: I now better engage my employees, I have the tools to resolve conflict, I am learning how to lead with my heart and be a whole brain leader and I am becoming more of a strategic thinker."

Toby Schneider, Executive Director, Alberta Gov.

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Image Streaming

Win Wenger in his book "The Einstein Factor" tells us that "Our unconscious holds the power of a Leonardo da Vinci or an Einstein."

Science tells us that human beings use a very small portion of their brain, 5-10%.  Have you ever wondered what we do with the rest of it?!

With only 10% we have taken astronauts to the moon and have discovered incredible medical advances. 

Imagine, just imagine, what we could do with more brainpower! 

Our Power Coaching® tools assist in maximizing our brainpower to tap into our highest creative centers and maximize the use of both the conscious and unconscious. The tools allow us to tap into our genius.

As intelligent adults we know that in order to achieve a goal we must first 'see' it. For example, when you need to go and buy groceries you open your front door and before you can walk to your car you must first see it. Then you put one foot in front of the other to reach the car.

The same goes for anything in life. Image streaming is one of the tools that we use to assist our clients in tapping in to their highest creative centers in the brain. Image streaming helps us 'see' solutions to a problem, challenge or goal. 
Einstein was a Master at image streaming. He would sit on a chair with the back of his hands resting on his knees - a rock in each hand. He would place his highest priority challenge in life into his mind. Next he would tell his left brain to shut off and his right brain to turn on. He would patiently wait for an image to stream in from his right brain. The right brain being the seat of creativity speaks in images. Once the image (solution) was conceived, Einstein would take that image and use his left brain to de-code it. In other words, he would work to discover how that image is a solution to this challenge.

Any idea why he used these rocks? A free gift awaits you if you correctly answer this question. 

All of the major inventions have come through image streaming of some sort or another. 
Tools like The Brain Walk®for example, use our conscious and unconscious plus our logical and creative hemispheres to automatically lead our Clients to create the solutions they need to achieve their goals. 


You have to experience it to believe it.

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