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“Already after the first session I knew I am dealing with a Master. Ramona is an incredible good listener and what I mean here is she listens beyond what one is saying. Her intuition is remarkable. I was being challenged in every single session we had as Ramona truly wants YOU to transform and ...

Anna Mrozik, Professional Life Coach

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Clarity Solutions Model

The Clarity Solutions Model shows the mental process required to achieve solutions. 

When a Client comes to The Coaching Room of a Power Coach®, they wish to either work on challenges and/or business and life goals. Challenges and goals could be in any area of the seven areas of life: career, social, financial, health, spiritual, family or intellectual. If they are having difficulty overcoming their challenges or achieving their goals, then, as Pert suggests in "Molecules of Emotion", they are stuck. The receptors are constricted because of emotions around the challenge or goal and thinking cells are undernourished leaving the Client foggy and less alert with respect to solutions.

In all cases where the Client is having difficulty overcoming a challenge or goal, we say that the Client is in 'Lower Power' as per the diagram on the right. They may be weighted down by frustration, anger, guilt or any variety of emotions. In any given session, our job as a Power Coach is to use The Science of Mind-Kinetics to help the Client move themselves from that place of lower power to at least neutral think (where the emotions are released) and ultimately to 'Higher Power' where clarity turns into precise solutions for immediate action. 

In the corporate world Leaders will often comment that they are not used to discussing their emotions - especially the men and women who were raised in households where emotions were not considered manly or 'necessary' in women's case.

However, once we tell them that Power Coaching® tools are designed to address logical emotions, they relax. Then, they use this sense of freedom to explore that part of the brain where emotions are considered a great asset to being a better leader or better parent for example. 


You have to experience it to believe it.

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