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“Ramona’s coaching enabled me to enjoy harmony and love, to be at peace with myself and people around me. I learned I cannot expect from others that which I don’t give myself first. So I became the creator of my own life.”

Ioana Spirescu, Business Owner

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Coach Training Programs

CLI-Romania offer you world-class coach training programs. Whether you wish to become an Executive Coach, Business Coach or Life Coach, you will receive superlative coaching methodologies and tools to "Wow" your clients. Our porgram provides you with a comperhensive approach to coach all human dimensions of the human spirit.
Our programs are accredited and/or approved by both the IIC&M and the ICF, the world's two leading Coach Certification Bodies.

Our next ON SITE course starts on:  October 28th, 2015.

VERY IMPORTANT: Betska K-Burr, the developer of these award winning coaching methodologies Power Coaching with Mind-Kinetics will come to Romania for this course. All students will have the opportunity to learn first hand the subtleties of human behaviors, the connection between body, mind and spirit and how they work together. This course will be held in English.

The program will take place ON SITE in Bucharest between 28 October -1 November, 2015 for the Associate Power Coach (APC) level and between 4-8 November, 2015 for the Certified Power Coach (CPC) level. Before the APC, there will be two online pre-requisite webinars of 2 hours each and after each level there will be 8 telementoring classes of 3 hours. There will be live interaction with an instructor so we ensure the development of the coaching abilities for EACH student.

APC (Associate Power Coach) program includes the PPC (Practitioner Power Coach) program.

CPC (Certified Power Coach) program includes the APC (Associate Power Coach) program and PPC (Practitioner Power Coach) program. CPC = PPC + APC + over 20 advanced coaching methodologies which work at the subconscious level to replace the negative thinking/behavior patterns into positive ones PERMANENTLY. This is what guarantees the behavior changes for our clients.

CEPC (Certified Executive Power Coach) program includes PPC + APC + CPC + 20 Leadership and mentoring tools specifically designed for executive coaching.

Save Now - Register Early for the APC, CPC or CEPC Designations:
(NOTE: savings are only applied when the course is paid in full at the time of registration and are not available when other specials are offered)

  • Instantly save 5% - register a minimum of 45 days prior to the course start date.

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