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“We worked with Ramona individually and also as a couple for about 6 months. During this time we had extraordinary breakthroughs in all major areas of our lives. The best result was that we decided to get married and this was possible only in the space Ramona created for us as a coach. If there...

Andreea & Tiberiu Filip

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Power Coaching® embodies both the IIC&M’s and ICF’s Philosophy, Definition of Coaching, Standards of Ethical Conduct and Core Competencies.

is an ongoing partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives through effective questioning and listening skills. Our clients explore roadblocks, emotions, fears, Universal Laws, values of humanity, etc.

Mind-Kinetics ® is our science which opens the mind and empowers the Client to receive new ideas and take action for permanent positive change.

Science has proven that behaviors and habits only change if there is a physiological shift in our “thinking cells”.  Our business partner, CLI has developed unparalleled tools and processes, which allow coaches to quickly determine the root causes of a client’s inability to be productive in a certain competency, and more importantly, create that physiological shift in the brain. In addition, Mind-Kinetics® tools like The Brain Walk, for example, automatically open up the Client’s innovative thinking centers to lead them to create the solutions they need to achieve their goals.

The Science of Mind-Kinetics® within the tools encourages the opening of constricted receptors in the brain. The thinking cells then receive nourishment (oxygen and glucose) and can begin to think more clearly. With thinking cells now nourished, the Client is now in an emotional and intellectual position to generate new ideas/solutions (from their highest creative centers in the brain) and more importantly take action on these ideas.

Mentoring is about sharing knowledge and wisdom with others. Built into the Power Coaching process, mentoring is a planning stage that takes place only in the last 5 minutes of the coaching session. The Power Coach explores various options with the Client including experiences and tools/ideas the coach has acquired over the years.